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Our Aim

Families can often feel isolated and alone but there may be thers in similar situations, How can we change this?Read More


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The Caravan

We offer caravan holidays for children and carers who could do with a breakRead More

Our Mission

Children's Hope Foundation's aim is to ensure that children regardless of their illness, disability or indeed poverty, all have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and achieve their potential...


We are unable to accept new applications

Sadly, during the pandemic and lockdown we lost all but one of our volunteers. This together with a huge fall in our income, which we have not yet recovered from, has meant that we are unable to accept new applications. We must also apologise to existing applicants that we have been unable to fulfil your request. If we are unable to recover, we may have to close the charity but we have not yet given up hope.


with Children's Hope Foundation

Volunteers are the backbone of Children's Hope Foundation and we have many ways in which you can volunteer. Whether you have lots of time every week or can help occasionally, we would like to hear from you. Download the application form and let us know how you can help

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I would firstly like to thank all businesses which hosted an AppealingSnax box. Sadly, the company has failed since September 2017, with the exception of £3,250, to provide funds for the charity and we have now terminated the agreement. We understand the company may be going into liquidation

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